6 Best Family Tracker Apps For Android And iOS [Both Free And Paid]

Ever contemplated utilizing a family tracker app? Have you at any point known about one preceding, and do you know what it can do? The absolute best family tracker applications are there for you to use to see your kids and relatives’ whereabouts to guarantee they are protected and secure every day.

For the purpose of being easy to understand and smart, these applications will give you incredible experiences in your little kids’ field, the posts they receive, and send in the form of real signals. Taking advantage of the various benefits will be a fundamental part of your home security.


Child safety is an enormous and essential thing for any parent. It will be what gives you significant serenity and allows you to rest more uncomplicated, realizing that they are not engaged with any new individuals or are being tormented or abused by social channels.

The family locator highlight can ensure that you know where your family is, and on the off chance that you track them on the off chance that they are out with companions or out and about, you don’t need to stress over them.

What To Look For When Looking For The Best Family Tracker Apps

  • Location History – This shows where the phone has been on a virtual map and what activity in these areas has occurred, photos and videos, etc.
  • Virtual Geofence – General geofencing technology can only deliver accuracy of around 100-200 meters to track when someone is nearby.
  • Speed Alerts – This provides you with driver support and alerts you about over speeding. Don’t let your child become another story of texting and driving accidents.
  • Real-Time Location – this permits you to work out where your relative is in real-time, for instance, you may see at 7:38 pm where they were or as near as possible. With technology, you’ll use a mobile phone tracker app to locate a phone by number.
  • Check-Ins – this permits the user to test in on specific locations to ensure they need to be arrived safely and stay track of their Location.
  • SOS Alerts – If there’s a problem, you’ll relay messages, and it’s real propriety of security that permits you to remain on the right track.
  • Cross-Platform – The family tracker app that you choose must work between both iOS and Android platforms because you will have a family who prefers a various set of mobile devices for themself.

How Does A Family Tracker App Free Work?

A family locator app finds another phone supported an aerial map and might often be viewed on an interactive map. It’s up to another phone’s location through GPS technology, and it’s an easy and effective thanks to locating.

With a savvy and friendly computer program, it’s easy to use and navigate, which can allow you to urge notifications and speed alerts, which can offer you lots of deep access to your family’s whereabouts.

It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices, and as long as you make sure that the tools are GPS equipped with which the GPS services are turned on, you may get the precise information that you need.

All you want to do is log in, install the app on your device and also install it on your home device to make sure it’s all linked and working correctly, after which you will have Remote monitoring to make sure your kids don’t seem to be in places they shouldn’t or blame people you don’t recognize or trust.

6 Best Family Tracker Apps For Android

Life24h – Best Family Tracker App Free

Life24h Family Locator Free is an application that encourages you to associate with relatives effectively and necessarily. The app makes safe zones to stamp regions where your youngster can have a fabulous time and exercise.

You can check apart as a school or work. The application will assist you in advising your relatives when you show up or leave that place.

With Life24h, you can without much of a stretch offer your area with others. It is precious when you are traveling that individuals will know your particular area when you are lost from the gathering.

Life24h - Best Family Tracker App Free
Life24h – Best Family Tracker App Free

This is additionally an instrument to assist you with finding the taken Android gadget. It resembles a tracker to help you effectively discover the offender who makes your gadget.

Extra security highlights, for example, notices for speed out and about while driving or SOS alarms when you are in harm’s way.

Click to download the family locator app on your Android phone.


GeoZilla – The GeoZilla GPS Tracker gadget utilizes GPS and specific Cell ID innovation to find the device precisely. When GeoZilla Tracker gets the area refreshes using a remote GSM arrange. It transmits to the application, and you can, in a flash, discover the gadget area.



Familonet – Share your area each second, with loved ones, and find them with only one touch just as permitting programmed warnings that spring up for you to see when different individuals have reached or left a specific territory, the grocery store, school or companion’s home.

You can remain associated effectively, and there is a signal for emergency response in the event of a crisis. Remain associated with Familonet.


Find My Kids

Find My Kids – This is an application that is a GPS area tracker intended for youngster security and parental control. This should be possible watchfully and track your youngster without them evening know. You can interface a GPS watch or introduce the application to follow yours on your kid’s telephone and area in a split second.


Family Link

Family Link – This versatile application permits you to make a particular Google Account for your youngster. It seems like your own record likewise yet you can set standards and direct what your youngster sees, for example, what number of sites and applications they can get to and for to what extent they can do as such.



Glympse – You can share your constant area utilizing GPS following your cell phone with Glympse, with any of your family, companions, or even associates. You can pick who sees and when and it tends to be utilized by guardians to screen youngsters’ propensities.


Investing during a good app goes to be vital. While these may vary in pricing schemes, you must explore the most useful features and what is going to be the most straightforward investment for your family.

Safety should come first, so take care to download the most helpful app that may be the foremost beneficial to your family, allowing safety and security across all areas.

Never worry about your relative again and remember after they are speeding similarly as after they are nearby and once they are due home.

It takes the concern out of an absence of communication and allows you to boost the alarm if something is wrong. Take back control today with the best family tracker apps!

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