Use These 4 Great Apps Share Location With Friends And Family

When you’re trying to coordinate plans with friends or find time to plan with them in the first place, keeping an eye on each other can be helpful without constantly texting “You are where?” back and forth— and that’s where apps find you inherit roles. We’ve put together our favorite iOS and Android apps to help you discover your friends. Sure, it would initially sound unsettling. Who wants to be tracked in the least times, after all? But using such apps may also be incredibly practical. If your dearest regularly travels for work and both prefer to register on each other’s progress, it’s a fast and straightforward way of checking. If you would like to work out how near your friend is to the restaurant you’re meeting up, you’ll be able to do this here while not sending a fast text for an update. With commonwealth comes great responsibility, so ensure you allow such access to people you trust not to abuse. Here are 4 great apps share location with friends and family.

Great Apps Share Location With Friends And Family


As the name suggests, Life24h – Family Locator Free is concentrated on keeping a watch on your relations, but it’ll work across anyone you would like to use. Besides the practically obligatory real-time location tracking on a map, it also offers automatic push notifications when your love is touring, like arriving at work or leaving school.

Safe Circle
Safe Circle

Besides, there’s an integrated button, so you’ll take pleasure in location sharing at a critical moment and privately chat with someone along the way. Multiple groups may be created too, and you’ll be able to even share photos of a location with relations that way, transforming it into a style of extra secure messaging service.

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Glympse (Android/iOS, Free)


Another app that’s keen to form its mark on iOS and Android, Glympse, is entirely free and doesn’t even require a signup process. Sharing your location takes seconds with an icon representing your real-time location dropped on the map for anyone you want to share.

You’ll found groups for specific occasions similarly as request a Glympse update from anyone you’re concerned about. It’s even possible to share locations with someone via the online instead of an app while remaining secure from strangers.

Such flexibility is where Glympse is most appealing—it’ll work for multiple situations, starting from social occasions to big meetings with clients.

GeoZilla (Android, Free)


Almost directly in competition with Family Locator, GeoZilla does lots of very similar things. There’s the standard location sharing via a real-time map, keeping a watch on when people are leaving or arriving via geofencing, and then forth.

GeoZilla offers some different features when it involves its location-based errands, location history, and social sharing. It’s possible to line up reminders anytime one in all your relations enters a selected area, like a push notification telling them to select up milk when they’re near the shop.

You’ll keep a watch on each user’s daily activities via history. It’s also possible to test location updates from Swarm and Facebook to recognize precisely what’s happening. Have a say TrackR tracking device support, and you’ll even see where your pets and belongings are, ensuring the entire clan is safely secure.

Google Maps (Android, Free)


Google Maps is already a vital part of just about everyone’s arsenal nowadays, but you will not have realized how it can help within the friends finding department. Besides offering things like real-time updates for your journeys, and providing navigational advice, it’ll also facilitate your locating others.

You need to activate the feature within your Google account—it works for both the iOS and Android versions of the app—but once you are doing so, it’s easy to share your location. Additionally, you’ll share your ETA along the way. It’s a convenient feature in an app you’ve probably already got installed on your phone.


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