Benefits Of A Family Locator App

Benefits Of A Family Locator Application

Family Locator Application

What if I told you that there is an application that can help you protect your loved ones and your close. How about employing a family tracking app that may facilitate you to locate your near and dear ones with the assistance of the GPS or Global Positioning System of satellites. You will tell me that there are many such family locator application or family tracker apps available within the market. What makes this app any different.

The main difference is that it offers premium features like GPS tracking, private and group chat, and many other features that you can use for free. This app called Life24h gives you all the premium services like those listed above for free without charge you a penny for these services.

In this article, we will discuss the various benefits provided by a family tracking app called Life24h.

Live GPS Tracking For Your Members Of The Family

This is the most common and primary feature provided by the Family Locator application called Life24h. Using this feature, you can locate any or all members of your family using the realtime GPS that coordinates with Google Maps.

This is the primary feature for which other app makers charge money for providing it while Life24h makes this feature available for free to the public.
This feature provides its users with the ability to locate any family members using the Life24h application and to use the GPS to locate the family member on the Google Map.

This is the lifesaver feature that helps you to ensure the safety and security of your family members as well as ensure their safe whereabouts on Google Map. This feature helps you prevent your family members from getting lost by guiding them through proper location and directions.

Group Or Individual Chat Feature



This is a single feature also found in most home tracking apps and then Life24h. Usually, a group chat or personal chat feature using chat with anyone in your contact list or can send them a message.

This feature is useful when you want to own a conversation with your contacts about anything. This feature will enable you to create situations that will be of prime importance as the situation where you want immediate help when your vehicle breaks down, otherwise you may find yourself with tires.

Steam and want towing service, etc.

Emergency SOS Messaging

A feature that not many family locator apps provide. This is often an emergency SOS messaging and call feature that’s helpful and handy to come back out of sticky situations that may put you into real trouble.

Situations, where you would like the assistance of somebody like your car, break down within the middle of the road otherwise you need some reasonably towing service. Using this feature, you’ll send messages demanding emergency action to a collection of people’s contacts stored in your SOS list.

Instant Notification Or Reminder Feature

Using this feature, a second notification is displayed on your mobile to notify you of events and incidents occurring between your family members. An event that informs you about your friends’ activities like going to a selected place, meeting with someone, etc.


In today’s world, it’s essential to use a GPS family locator application that helps you to remain connected along with your members of the family and siblings in real-time, informs you about their whereabouts and keeps you worry-free.

It’s also vital to safeguard your members of the family from stressful situations.

A GPS enabled app like Life24h point helps you to stay your members of the family safe and secure in every possible situation. This app removes the concern and tension out of your lives in a very more organized and systematic way.

Using this app, children can keep it up with their things without getting their parents worried about where their children are.

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