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Best Family GPS Tracker In 2020

Life24h – Best Family GPS Tracker App

Modern technology has led to a horde of advantage in our lives. Numerous aspects became simpler and convenient because of advancement. One such innovation that we frequently took with a pinch of salt is GPS tracking. The employment of the worldwide Positioning System (GPS) has become widespread nowadays because it enables us to trace locations with ease. Initially, you had to possess a GPS tracking device, but nowadays, our smartphones and tablets will be transformed into GPS trackers with the assistance of apps like Life24hBest Family GPS Tracker In 2020.



In simple terms, this can be online-based tracking software that may transform your tablet or mobile into a good GPS tracker. One of the foremost vital facts to understand about Life24h is that you can download the app free and use it as your mobile GPS tracker.

The app has gained immense popularity because it can provide you with peace of mind as you’ll check the placement of your mobile at any time. It provides you with the advantage of real-time tracking, suggesting that you can use your PC to travel online and check the phone’s location.

You may be able to know the precise address rather than just vague coordinates or hints.


Life24h is commonly termed ideal for keeping track of your family members, especially kids, and businesses, can also use them to track employees after they are out on assignments. Another perk of putting in this itinerant tracking app is that it can are available handy once you lose your phone or it’s stolen.

You’ll be able to use another device for logging onto the app and learn exactly where your phone is, so it is recovered. This can be even better than insurance because you don’t need to pay any monthly premiums.

Best Family Locator App For Android in 2020
Life24h – Best Family GPS Tracker App In 2020

While you’ll be able to use the Life24h server for real-time tracking, it’s merely uphill to observe a mobile. The excellent news is that the app can even provide you with history and reports that enable you to test the locations that are visited and also get accurate information about the distances travelled.

If you wish to put in it on your kids’ mobiles, you’ll be able to use the app for sending you alerts so you may know where your kids are. For example, the settings are adjusted, so you’re informed when your kids attain school or home.


It is a superb app for ensuring the security and security of your family. Moreover, businesses also can find it incredibly useful for fleet management if they need a variety of vehicles. The app can are available handy for sending speed alerts if the vehicle goes past the regulation you’ve got set.

Life24h also allows you to vary the tracking interval as per your needs, just like once you wish for the mobile tracker to move. It’s an economical and powerful means of mobile GPS tracking and may be downloaded on your phone during some minutes.

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