Best Family Locator App For Android in 2020

Best Family Locator App Free For Android In 2020

Family Locator App Is A Kind Of Guardian To Replace Your Relationships With Your Family

We always get questions like this how can we monitor our family members? The way to best manage your children while you’re still busy with many roles. We always want our family to be in an exceedingly, safe state wherever we are. And it would help if you mostly chose from giving your relations the liberty and closely monitoring your family members to confirm their safety. So this can be why home location apps are born and grow stronger. Family locator apps free aren’t spyware apps, they’re installed with the user’s consent, so these are legally safe apps.

With mobile devices becoming more and more popular nowadays, anyone can use them no matter age; using the Family Locator app free is sort of a guardian replacing your relations. in your family.

Best Family Location App Free For Android Devices


The world is as scary as you have to go home alone on an empty road. Fortunately for you, the Life24h app is one of those apps that help you get rid of those worries.

Best Family Locator App For Android in 2020
Best Family Locator App Free For Android in 2020

Life24h Family Locator Free is an application that helps you to connect with family members easily and simply. The application helps create safe areas to mark areas where your child can have fun and activities in that area. You can mark an area like school or work, the app will help you notify your family members when you arrive or leave that place.

With Life24h you can easily share your location with others, it is very useful when you are on a trip that people will know your exact location when you are lost from the group. This is also a tool to help you find the stolen Android device, it is like a tracker to help you easily find the culprit who steals your device. Additional safety features, such as notifications for speed on the road while driving or SOS alerts when you are in danger.

Click to download the family locator app on your Android phone.

Find My Friends


Find My Friend is an application that helps you find friends with the same name as the default application on the iOS platform. Despite its similar name, Find My Friend on Android has differences, this is an application that uses Google maps to provide online maps.

Is it amazing? Google Maps offers many advantages over other types of maps as it displays locations such as police stations, clinics, or fire stations. Children can go to those places for help when their relatives are not nearby.

Find My Friend helps you notify others of your exact location when you encounter unexpected problems. The app gives you a message forum. This is an app that allows you to try it for free and download it on the Google Play store and you can upgrade to a better version.

The monthly app usage cost is around $ 5, with an affordable pocket-sized app that will provide a more detailed location history, providing service even if your phone is not Smartphones and roadside assistance.

Family Locator- GPS Tracker & Find Your Phone App

Family Locator- GPS Tracker & Find Your Phone App
Family Locator- GPS Tracker & Find Your Phone App

This is one of the excellent home navigation apps with unique features. Also, a family locator free application for android devices.

There are some unsafe areas around you that you don’t want your children to visit, such as construction sites and markets. The app helps you create safe boundaries, and you will be notified when your child crosses those boundaries.

If your child is lost, you should not be alarmed, the first thing you should do is alert the police or issue a search alert, you can use the application to be able to search easily and quickly.

With the premium version, you can view location history for a week, so you do not always need to open the application and check. It provides additional details such as the complete information about the address, date and time.

Zoemob Family Locator

Zoemob Family Locator
Zoemob Family Locator

Instead of the usual ZoeMob family locator app free, it is like your assistant that helps you care for your family, such as helping you contact your family, organizing, and creating plans.
ZoeMob is also a Family locator application that has the same basic functions as other applications. What makes ZoeMob different is the additional feature that allows child licensing, family calendars, and shared annotations.

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