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Best Family Locator App For iPhone And Android

In this day and age, it is becoming more relevant at any time in recent memory to watch out for our friends and family. For example, you must continuously know the whereabouts of your loved ones if you want to protect them. This should be done using the help of a home navigation application. By recommending the app on your phone and loved ones, you may not need to find a distant family. Today we will show you the best family locator app for iPhone and Android.

Because of the most recent innovation, a family locator appl for iPhone and Android can assist you with finding and find a cell phone. All you have to have is a family area tracker application and a cell phone.

However, with a large number of apps accessible for family tracking, finding the right one for you might be testing. We have listed the best home tracking app for Android and iPhone, to assist you in finding the right app for you.

How Does A Family Locator App Work?

A family locator application can find a telephone on a guide. The application can find another telephone’s area with the assistance of GPS. This innovation is simple and straightforward, and it can support you and your friends and family to locate each other’s telephones continuously.

How Do I Use a Family Locator App For iPhone And Android?

Utilizing a family tracker application is overly simple. You can primarily utilize the incorporated GPS of your telephone guarantee that you permit the following applications you’ve introduced to get to your telephone’s area.

Area tracker applications are reasonable for the whole family. The following element is extraordinary for guardians as it can assist them with monitoring their children for the day or night.

Kids can likewise observe where their folks are, which will cause children to feel safe, as well. You need to ensure everybody has turned on their GPS area benefits with the goal that the areas can be seen.

See Where The Individuals In The Family Have Come

By utilizing the area history highlight, guardians can screen the areas of their youngsters for the day. They can check where their children were, and they can likewise ensure their children made it to specific goals on schedule, for example, swimming exercises, baseball, and so on.

While there may not be time during the day to chat on the telephone, relatives can in any event rapidly check each other’s areas. It is additionally a fabulous instrument for building trust among guardians and youngsters, as guardians can affirm that their kids are coming clean about the spots they have been.

Chat With Members Of Your Family

A typical component of the family following applications is a family visit include which permits everybody to interface inside a gathering, just as permitting people to speak with one another individually.

It’s an incredible method to keep everybody on top of it about the day’s arrangements, and children and guardians to registration. Guardians can check the continuous area of their kid and afterward keep in touch with them in the talk to pose inquiries, affirm plans, and the sky is the limit from there.

Best Location Tracker / Family Tracker Apps :

1 Life24h
2 Safe 365
3 Sygic Family Locator
4 Glympse
5 Foursquare Swarm
6 FamiGuard

We should Talk About These Location Trackers in Detail:

1 Life24h

Life24h has many help highlights for you while driving or voyaging significant distances. You can utilize this application to screen your youngsters when you are not there, with the ongoing following for high exactness. Likewise, make safe territories to make it simpler to regulate your kids.

You will get a warning when your kids leave the safety circle. The speed control likewise encourages you while you are out and about, you can control your movement speed to make driving more secure.

At the point when you are on a long outing with numerous individuals, the SOS highlight causes you to abstain from losing others in the gathering.

You can introduce the application effectively with only a couple of arrangement steps.

You can finish the application establishment without investing an excess of energy. After experiencing the affirmation steps, you will see the login screen underneath.

Your favorite Life apps, on your Android

Go to the Google Play Store to download the Life24h services.

You begin utilizing the application by making yourself a record, or you can sign in legitimately with your Google account, through the record creation steps, you can begin to encounter the application.

Best Family Locator App For Android in 2020

2 Safe 365

Dissimilar to other free family tracker applications, Safe 365 is less stressful and is favored by numerous individuals consequently. Not exclusively is the gadget equipped for conveying an exact area progressively.


However, it can likewise share travel courses and the remaining battery rate. It demonstrates whether the individual being followed has a low battery, with the goal that the client can make a conjecture about the individual’s circumstance and in this manner demonstration.

On account of a crisis circumstance, there is an emergency signal to caution her/his dear companions, communicate circumstance subtleties and GPS area, with the goal that they can send help. Get the application on Google Play and iOS store.

3) Sygic Family Locator


Our third recommended family area tracking app is Sygic. Consider the Sygic Family Locator an edgy arrangement. It allows you to see your child’s area constantly and stay in touch with them. It is accessible for Android and ios users. Download the app on Google Play store and iOS

4) Glympse

Glympse gives you continuous data that will show where the relatives are. With Glympse, you can discover the insights concerning other relatives’ GPS areas rapidly.

You should open the Glympse application, press the “New Glympse” button, and send the individual you need to follow an instant message or email.


The message or email contains a connection. When they open this connection, you will receive their regional data on your phone. This gives you continuous data about where someone might be at a given second.

What makes Glympse not quite the same as other area tracker applications are that you don’t need to introduce any application on someone else’s gadget. It just uses the telephone’s program to open the connection you sent.

This element recognizes Glympse as a standout amongst other free family tracker application accessible at this moment. Get the application on Google Play and iOS store.

5 Foursquare Swarm

Foursquare Swarm offers a primary interface that permits you to monitor where your youngsters are going. It has a comparative stage to the every day online life website of Foursquare.

You will leave a pin demonstrating where you are the point at which you sign in at a setting. This should be possible by your relatives when they arrive at various worth spots.

Foursquare Swarm

The program has measurements revealing a framework that gives you increasingly visit data about the spots individuals visit. You can utilize this to follow others’ practices in your family.

The program likewise records information on the kinds of areas, which makes it an unquestionable requirement to have an area tracker application for family. Get the application on Google Play and iOS store.

6 FamiGuard

FamiGuard is the best free family tracker application for Android holders as per the clients. The program has measurements revealing a framework that gives you progressively visit data about the spots individuals visit.

You can utilize this to follow others’ practices in your family, for example, who is heading off to specific places regularly. The program additionally records information on the kinds of areas required on a family area tracker application.


Additionally, you can set up the geofence to encompass a spot on the guide. After the objective gadget enters and leaves the geofence, a warning will be sent to your telephone.

The product additionally incorporates checking on the web movement, web separating, time the board of uses, screen time, and different highlights. Get the application on Google Play.

Value: A 3-day free preliminary with all highlights, at that point $4.99 every month for a year.

You can likewise redesign the application to utilize some different highlights, and the expense of overhauling the application is additionally entirely sensible. Above is our article that acquaints you with the best Family Locator App For iPhone And Android. Contingent upon your requirements, you can pick an application that suits you.

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