Emergency Alert Feature

The emergency alert feature, now available on the Life24h Family Locator Free app, is an Android app for the purpose of notifying emergencies when driving on the road. When an emergency Alert is turned on, the application on the device will be able to detect whether you have a serious accident or not and will notify your loved ones.

Besides, someone from Life24h will contact your family and other loved ones to let them know what happened, and emergency responders are on their way.

The app developer Life24h focused on the safety that was at the forefront of the team’s mind when they started working with the Android version, which also led them to introduce this feature that would notify emergency in case of an accident. traffic. So users don’t have to worry so much about not being able to help their loved ones in time

What Is Emergency Alert?

Life24h incident detection is an automated service, knows when you have an accident, as a driver or passenger, and ask if you are okay. If you need assistance or you do not respond, Life24h will notify safety circle members and contact emergency and share your exact location.

So How Does It Work?

Emergency alert uses patented technology to detect major collisions. It relies on sensors in your phone, like your accelerometer and GPS, to detect a big impact whenever the vehicle is moving over 25 mph.

Timely Notice In Case Of Emergency

What Is Emergency Alert

Emergency Alert analyzes phone location and activity to work out when each member is driving. During a drive, it detects potentially unsafe behaviors, like phone usage, high speed, hard braking, and rapid acceleration.

Driving information and events are then shared with the whole Circle. Many families use this information to own conversations about safe driving and keep one another in command of coming home safely.

We give you the choice of having a trained Life24h agent dispatch emergency responders to your exact location when you upgrade to a membership. Because in an accident, the faster help arrives, the better.

Life24h Protects You And Your Family

Our mission is to bring families closer—and that starts with ensuring loved ones are safe and secure, even in life’s unpredictable moments. That’s why we feel it’s essential to supply Emergency Alert to Life24h users at no cost. Because everyone should know that when their relations are out on the road—as a driver or a passenger—someone’s searching for them.

Accidents Are More Common Than You Think

The road ahead is unpredictable, irrespective of how safe you’re behind the wheel. In fact, automobile crashes are the leading explanation for death among people ages 15-29.** Life24h helps make the road a safer place for families everywhere.


Emergency Alert is enabled when: the vehicle is moving at a sustained speed of at least 25 mph for at least 30 seconds before the collision; the car has come to a complete stop after the crash; user’s phone has more than 20% battery life and not be in power saving mode; the phone’s WiFi settings are turned on, and you are in an area with reliable cell phone reception.

If you’re on a phone call at the time of a car crash, we might not be able to detect it. Even if all the criteria mentioned are met, Life24h may not detect all major collisions due to network outages, algorithm error, availability of GPS location data, sensor error on the mobile device, and crash location outside of a wireless service coverage area among others.