GPS Phone Tracking App For Android Devices In US

Family Locator GPS Application For Android Devices In The US

Currently, there are many family locator GPS applications on the app store. Apps that have a regular function of helping users track the placement of a friend’s relative or a stolen device.

So, which is the best location tracking app for you? Please read our article and find an acceptable application to put in on your device to forestall you from forgetting or losing your device.

The Truth About Cell Phone Device Theft

The theft and sale of stolen devices within the US are increasing and increasing rapidly, in line with a report, 329,000 mobile devices taken in 2019 increased by 9.9% compared to the years. Before.

The explanation for theft is easy because mobile devices are increasingly sophisticatedly designed, and also the value of mobile devices is getting higher and better.

Unlike stealing information or data over the network, the theft of mobile devices causes you more damage; you lose the contact information of your loved ones, some applications that you just, it takes lots of download costs or conceptual photos you have got saved on your mobile device.

I hope that you can read our article as soon as possible, we are going to show you the methods and ways to shield your device via the US smartphone GPS applications on mobile devices. You’ll quickly find your stolen device also as rummage around for relations through the map on the device screen.

GPS Finder App Help To Avoid Losing Your Expensive Mobile Devices

Some of our following suggestions are very popular and applied to protect your mobile device from theft; you can refer and use it to protect your mobile device—the most effective way.

  • Bring cheap backup phone devices when you go out or travel.
  • Always keep your phone in a safe place in a crowded place, you can switch to silent mode and leave the device in the car when shopping, supermarkets or festivals.
  • It would help if you put your mobile phone in the bag first and never leave your pants’ back pockets.
  • Put your phone in the locker in the hotel and set silent mode if you are travelling in the sea and want to go to the beach to shower.
  • Back up data regularly, turn on GPS positioning and turn on the internet for your phone. The regular backup helps save your information, GPS, and internet mode to help you find your device in the shortest time when it is stolen.
  • Use the GPS finder app

Using The Family Locator GPS Application For Mobile Devices, Have You Thought About It Yet?

Today, technology has made great strides, and GPS navigation has come a long way in the development of phones. In the past, GPS made it possible to know your location on a map, making it easy to find your way while driving.

Today, with the development of applications and algorithms that make GPS possible to find stolen mobile devices and manage the children in your family. Some US family locator GPS application helps you do that easily, saving you a lot of time and effort.


Life24h is the first application we want to introduce to you to help you protect your device easily without too much effort. Why do we want to recommend this app to you first, simply because this is an application that has a user-friendly interface, those who are still confused about what GPS is or even older people or Children can also use?

The application installation process does not take too much of your time, you just need to download and confirm a few steps to allow the application to get your GPS location. Moreover, the application is free to download on the Google Play store.

The features of the Life24h application also meet your needs. You can view the location accurately and quickly in real-time.

When travelling on the road you can see the movement speed through which can adjust the speed suitable for you.
If there are young members in your family, this is a better app to help you manage your children in the best way when you can not always be with them.

There are also many features that Life24h brings you just need to upgrade to a higher version to experience the best application.
Download the Life24h – Family locator GPS application

Life24h-Family- Locator-Free
Life24h-Family- Locator-Free


Glympse is one in every one of those applications that may further share this location to get the placement of others. So you’ll be able to use this application to seek out your device when it’s lost or stolen.

If you’re on a journey, Glympse helps you notice once you leave a secure place and hit a safe replacement place. You’ll be able to tell if your children have gone to a secure location or not.

If you’re a relative, you usually want to grasp where your spouse has gone on the way home or not; the appliance also helps you are doing it in a very more straightforward and more natural way.

In an exceedingly crowded concert, you do not understand how to search out your friends, open the app and connect with them; you’ll know exactly where they’re.

The appliance also provides ETA notifications to assist you in creating notices on the road when there are traffic jams or off-road. Share travel routes so you’ll easily organize your work.

US GPS phone tracker

Life360 Family Locator

Life360 is one in every of the beautiful home apps which will run well on two platforms, Android and iOS. This can be an optimal and practical application for managing children still as install on their mobile devices for cover.

By building a system connected during a circle, Life360 makes it possible to attach multiple people at the same time.
You can also message people in your circles who connect via the app’s messaging function.

You are doing not have to incur any messaging costs because it’s liberal to use.

A car accident notification feature is offered to hunt help from the members within the circle. They’re going to receive your notification once you encounter a controversy. They’ll facilitate your call to the police or come There to assist you quickly.

Also, if you would like to use quite the standard features, you only have to spend a little additional cost to upgrade the applying to the professional version. And after all, it gives you better features that are often lacking within the version.

child tracker app free

FollowMee GPS Location Tracker

FollowMee GPS Tracker turns your device into a quick and convenient GPS navigation tool. You have to install this application on your device then you’ll be able to track the methods that have connected the appliance on the online platform

Using this application, you’ll follow the tools of relations, friends, and colleagues.
Data security is one among the items you’ll be assured of FollowMee GPS Tracker, the appliance always ensures not to share your information outside.

Your location will continually be updated quickly and continuously every 5 minutes. If someone steals your mobile device, they can’t move too far because you usually know where they’re on the map.

US GPS Phone Tracker
FollowMee GPS Location Tracker

GPS Tracker

If you’re searching for an excellent GPS tracker if you’re an action sports and long-distance travel fan – this app is for you, record your trips and share them along with your friends!

GPS Tracker can facilitate your navigate a weird route you have got never travelled without concern of getting lost. It also helps you inform your friends about your reverse journey.

When displaying a track on the map, the application will keep the device’s backlight, simplifying the use of track navigation.
GPS Tracker allows you to convert maps from Google to Yandex, so during trips across Russia and CIS countries, you’ll have the first detailed map of the world. the applying can calculate tracking statistics – boldly swank your achievements to your friends

US GPS phone tracker
GPS Tracker

Above are the ways as well as the US family locator GPS application that we want to introduce to you so you can easily manage your mobile device as well as the growing children in your family.

You choose a form that is right for you because it may be necessary for you.
Please leave your comment below the article to let us know about your thoughts and reviews. We always hope to bring you good things in life.

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