Family Locator – GPS Tracker To Help You See Location History

Have you ever worried that your loved ones, especially your teenage children, would drive beyond safe speed? Have you ever thought that a home-tracking system or a GPS tracking application will help you alleviate these worries? The Life24h app enables you to reduce anxiety, and your work has to install them on your device and members of the family. Family Locator- GPS Tracker. You’ll get the most effective results if your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi signal, but the GPS and mobile network will still manage to work out the precise location.

Life24h – Family Locator Free (Family Locator – GPS Tracker)

 Family Locator - Gps Tracker Free
Family Locator – Gps Tracker Free

See the location history of your loved ones to extend the protection of your loved ones. The situation History feature allows you to look at GPS locations and move points of members of the family over the last seven days.

No must continuously check your phone to determine where your loved ones are – easily view their travel history to grasp where they need to have been (or not yet). The Life24h Family Locator Free application is an application that helps locate your family with multiple Android devices.

Family members join as a group and can know each other’s location anytime and anywhere as long as family members install the Life24h app. Installing the application is very simple, just a few steps, similar to the primary use.

Once installed, family members will form a group and use the same character code to be able to join the group. The app not only allows you to search for Android devices quickly, but it can also help you chat with family members through messaging.
Besides, this app has a function that I feel is a perfect SOS feature to help avoid danger to help you send messages to family members when you get lost, they will find you immediately.

Instant. In particular, you can view the location history that your loved one has moved, you can see their driving speed so that they can remind them to drive safely. You can download the app now Life24h – Family Locator Free (Family Locator – GPS Tracker)


Family Locator – GPS Tracker will bring you interesting and rewarding experiences in protecting your family. You can easily control your children’s movement speed as well as the location history from which they have traveled, so you can advise them on safe speeds and protect them when necessary.

Whether you have a very good child or such an honest child, peace of mind comes with the ability to track them with GPS. You should not even track your child with phone tracking apps. If they can carry Android with Android version 5. Or higher, they already have the device on their device. All you have to try and do is turn it on.
If you want to inform them whether it is enabled or not. Some children will change their behavior if they know their parents are monitoring their phone. Others may try to cheat to deceive the monitor. For example, leave your phone at a friend’s house while visiting to do other things.
Whatever you choose to try, know that you can only connect their GPS tracking application to your own smartphone. You will then be able to click a button to find out where they can in just a few minutes. Some tracking services even allow you to set boundaries. If your child leaves the area, you may receive an email notification immediately sent to you.