Family Phone Tracker For Android: Our Top Recommendations

GPS tracker applications are quickly turning into a staple of present-day life – something anybody worried about the security of their youngsters or older relatives will think about checking out sooner or later. Also, when that opportunity arrives, it’s up to us Android clients to locate the best family phone tracker for Android accessible out there.

Consider it: from one viewpoint, our bustling telephones continually shout for consideration and fill in the valuable holes of our leisure time. You could make that call during your mid-day break. However, your Instagram feed is so enticing… only one more parchment. And afterward, one more. And later, your time is no more.

On the other, the real hallucination of connectedness – nobody is more than a WhatsApp message away – can give us less consideration to our friends and family in the «real» world rather than the virtual ones.

How would we address this issue?

The Benefits Of Family Phone Tracker For Android


If the virtual world’s requests mean we’re investing less energy with our youngsters or other relatives, can telephone trackers help? You’d believe that innovation is a helpless answer for a difficult it made in any case.

In any case, our view is that, on the off chance that you use it astutely, an application that shows you the GPS area of your children can help carry you closer to them.

The fact of the matter isn’t utilizing tracker applications to keep an eye on all your children’s developments. Albeit a few people may use it just for that, this is not the path for guardians and kids to associate.

What you ought to focus on isn’t merely to feel more secure with regards to where your youngster is and what they’re doing, yet in addition to giving them, you care both for their wellbeing and their protection.

As you can disclose to your kid, if they convey the following application on their telephone and know where they are consistent, you won’t need to interfere with their play with irritating «where are you» calls or messages. Despite what might be expected, you’ll have the option to give them more liberated rein to go around without excessive control.

Furthermore, even though you’ll have the option to perceive what they’re doing on their telephone, you won’t need to do it regularly in any case. Straightforwardness produces trust, and now you’ll have the option to give your youngster space to practice their decision-making ability while remaining safe.

You’ll be the cool mother (or father) whose youngster is more liberated and acts more mindfully than every one of their classmates.

Best Family Phone Tracker App For Android: 2020 Edition

OK, you’re persuaded that following your youngster’s mobile phone is the best approach. Yet, shouldn’t something be said about choosing the ideal decision out there for you?

Stress not: we’re here to assist you with reviewing the best applications in the market. Peruse on, and you’re sure to locate the one that best suits your requirements.


The world is as startling as you need to return home alone on a vacant street. Luckily for you, the Life24h application is one of those applications that assist you with disposing of those concerns.

Best Family Locator App For Android in 2020

Life24h Family Locator Free is an application that helps you to connect with family members quickly and. The app helps create safe areas to mark areas where your child can have fun and activities in that area. You can mark an area like school or work, and the app will help you notify your family members when you arrive or leave that place.

With Life24h, you can easily share your location with others. It is beneficial when you are on a trip to know your exact location when you are lost from the group. This is also a tool to help you find the stolen Android device. It is like a tracker to help you quickly find the culprit who steals your device. Additional safety features include notifications for speed on the road while driving or SOS alerts when you are in danger.

Click to download the Family Phone Tracker app on your Android phone.

Find My Kids


Find My Kids, an Android telephone tracker that stands the trial of time, yet has been continuously improving since it was first propelled.

Why is Find My Kids so mainstream? Some portion of the appropriate response is that it doesn’t merely offer the entirety of the essential highlights that guardians search for in tracker applications, yet does as such in style.

The app is anything but difficult to utilize and works quickly while having none of the specialized troubles that plague comparable, however less idea out forms.

What’s more, when you add to that a heavenly all day, every day client help administration and pocket-accommodating participation expenses, you start to perceive any reason why the application is a most loved for Android clients.



The intriguing thing about Life360 is that it’s less a portable following application as an instrument for interfacing with you and your friends and family.

With it, you can make «circles» or gatherings of individuals that can see each other’s area on a live guide – as long, that is, as each decides to share their whereabouts.

Although the application is focused on families, it can be utilized to make friend networks, classmates, partners, etc. Its lone hindrance as a telephone tracker is that it surrenders the area sharing over to every one of its individuals.

On the off chance that the hover being referred to is you and your kids, they’ll have the option to actuate and deactivate area following at whatever point they need, which for some may invalidate the location of a family phone tracker.

Family Locator


Like Life360, Family Locator is an excellent family-connectedness application. Once more, it offers a lot of a similar scope of highlights, including area sharing, setting up safe zones, getting development alarms, etc.

Additionally, it likewise provides a couple of smart alternatives for sure; for example, it is one of a kind flight radar.

Family Locator functions admirably with any brilliant Android cell gadget and any brand: telephones or tablets, Huawei, or Samsung.




This might be a relative newcomer to the universe of cell-GPS beacons, yet it’s come to remain. Functioning admirably for associating whole families and following only a couple of kids, ZoeMob gives the entirety of the standard highlights for the continuous area, permitting you to discover your relatives consistently.

Where Do We Go From Here?


At this point, you’ve ideally discovered a decent decision for you – the ideal application for your necessities and spending plan. We urge you to peruse on and remain educated regarding the matter of observing and tracker applications.

On our blog, you’ll discover parts increasingly important data and exhortation on child-rearing and parental control tech.

Tell us in the remarks underneath what application you chose to go with, and for what reasons. And keeping in mind that you’re grinding away, why not share this post with a similarly invested companion?

High data consistently makes a difference.


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