5 App For Family Tracking Help Protect You When Walking Alone

Have you ever walked back home after work through low-light roads? Surely at that time in your mind, a lot of thoughts were running through your head, the prospect of a horror movie you saw yesterday surfed in your head. You always have the feeling that someone is behind you and moving closer and closer. But the worst-case scenario is not what you imagine but a bad guy trying to figure you out.
But don’t worry too much about it, nowadays with the development of technology, the app for family tracking can help you solve those problems. You can have more peace of mind when returning to your home without fear of being disturbed by bad guys.

App For Family Tracking Protect You

Life24h Family Locator Free

Life24h could be a third-party tool that produces it possible for your loved ones to acknowledge you on your way home via a tiny low map on your mobile device. With real-time location tracking, everyone in your family can know exactly where you’re at.

By creating safe areas reception and, therefore, the company you’re employed for, everyone in your family will receive a notification after you have arrived or left the secure area.

What if you travel for a long-distance? It’s okay because your location is continually updated every 5 minutes, so there isn’t any must fear people losing your tracks. If you encounter a dangerous situation, you’ll press SOS Life 24h will facilitate your send notifications to your relatives, they’ll come and rescue you.

For those travelling by vehicle, Life24 is also very helpful when it tells you how speed you’re going on the road. Through it, you’ll be able to adjust the speed when moving quickly. Those are the features of Life24h, so everyone within the family can always find one another, wherever they’re.

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Life24h-Family- Locator-Free
Life24h-Family- Locator-Free


bSafe provides your family and friends with a simple and effective way to know your location. When opening the application, your relative will see your position on the map even when you are moving.

To see your site, you must make sure that your relatives also have the application installed, and the second thing is to make sure that the device is always connected to the internet.
Like other family locator GPS tracker apps, bSafe also has SOS alerts to send notifications in your worst case.

This notification will sound to your relatives and friends; they will recognize that you are in danger; they will help you call the police or come to support you.

Family locator GPS tracker
bSafe App

My Safetipin

With the utilization of My Safetipin application, data users update the info and build an inventory of dangerous areas around the world. After you accidentally scan a critical area, My Safetipin will send a notification among a bell sound to notify you that you just are entering the zone.

Walking alone within the night always gives you insecure feelings. But rest assured My Safetipin will facilitate your reduce that worry. You’ll also assess areas that are safe and unsafe for yourself through public transportation, travel density, lighting, security, and others.

If you move to an unfamiliar area, try the rating of that area on My Safetipin, you’ll choose safe routes to avoid bad guys.

Family locator GPS tracker
My Safetipin


Life360 is an application that helps track the placement of your members of the family in a very circle. After you put in the appliance on your device, you’ll receive yourself a code, use that code to send to your loved ones to be able to connect. People in your family now not have to call to ask where you’re, they merely must.

You can also create your favourite positions for yourself and your loved ones. It’ll facilitate your create safety circles that you just or your loved ones will receive notifications when arriving or leaving the safe area.

You’ll be able to also text people in your group directly by texting them. You’ll also upgrade the Life360 app to use more features, and the upgrade is also very affordable.
Family locator GPS tracker


 LifeLine Response

If you want to protect yourself from a deserted surrounding area, then LifeLine Response is an option. The application is straightforward to use, and you need to use your finger and click on the button on the phone screen until you arrive.

When you visit, you need to enter the code you previously installed to turn off the notification. LifeLine Response will notify the police authorities if you do not enter the code in time.

In case you are having trouble, in reality, LifeLine Response will help you make a noise for those around you while waiting for the police to arrive. Even if the attacker you want to circumvent your device does not worry, LifeLine Response sends the police when your connection is lost during an alert.

Family locator GPS tracker
LifeLine Response

From now on, you do not have to carry tools like sticks or aerosol bombs in your pocket on your way home, all you would like to try and do is install the app on your mobile device. These applications are the simplest way to deal with you to the police, family, or friends.

The article above is the article we introduce to you the app for family tracking that helps you protect yourself when going home to figure alone or on the road with nobody around. Please leave your comments to allow us to know. We’ll have better posts for you.

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