Use These 5 Great Friend Locator Apps To Find Friends And Family For Free

When you are trying to coordinate plans with friends or find time to plan programs with them in the first place, it’s often beneficial to keep track of each other without continually texting “You are where?” back and forth— and that’s where apps find you inherit roles. We’ve put together our favourite iOS and Android friend locator apps to help you discover your friends.

Sure, it’d initially sound unsettling. Who wants to be tracked in the least times, after all? But using such apps may be incredibly practical.

If your lover regularly travels for work, and both prefer to sign up on each other’s progress, it’s a fast and straightforward way of checking. If you would like to work out how near your friend is to the restaurant you’re meeting up, you’ll try this here with no need to send a fast text for an update.

With the world, power comes great responsibility, so confirm you allow such access to people you trust not to abuse it. Here are 5 excellent friend locator apps for locating your friends and your loved ones.

Life24h (Android, Free)

Best friend locator apps Android
Best friend locator apps Android

Life24h is as clear-cut and straightforward to use the app. Via a map-based interface, you’ll locate your friends at any time and contrariwise for them. The bonus feature in Life24h is that you can even chat with your friends while they’re on the way to see you or be nosy and see what they’re up to.

At any time, you’ll be able to consult details like how long they’re visiting be until they reach their destination, moreover as receive directions to where they’re. As a security feature, it’s also possible to issue a tuned in to friends and loved ones if you ever need help.

Attached to the alert are address details, this time, and their current battery life. It’s pretty good for peace of mind and works across smartphone platforms like Android.

Family Locator & Safety (Android, Free)


As the name suggests, Family Locator & Safety focuses on keeping track of your relationships, but it will work with anyone you want to use. Besides mandatory real-time location tracking on the map, it also offers automatic push notifications when your loved one is on the way, like arriving at work or school.

Besides, there’s an integrated push-button, so you’ll take pleasure in location sharing at a critical moment and privately chat with someone along the way. Multiple groups are often created too.

And you’ll even share photos of a location with members of the family that way, transforming it into a variety of extra secure messaging services.

GeoZilla (Android, Free)


Besides, there’s an integrated push so you’ll get pleasure from location sharing at a critical moment, together with having the ability to chat with someone along the way privately. Multiple groups may be created too, and you’ll even share photos of a location with relations that way, transforming it into a sort of extra secure messaging service.

GeoZilla offers some different features when it involves its location-based errands, location history and social sharing. It’s possible to line up reminders anytime one of your relations enters a selected area, like a push notification telling them to choose up milk when they’re near the shop.

You’ll be able to keep an eye fixed on each user’s daily activities via history. It’s also possible to test location updates from Swarm and Facebook to recognize what’s occurring precisely. Give TrackR tracking device support, and you’ll be able even to see where your pets and belongings are, ensuring the full relations are safely secure.

Find My Family, Friends, Phone (Android/iOS, Free)


With a spotlight on keeping family safe, the Find my family app in Life360 is accessible on both iOS and Android. Create your groups called ‘Circles,’ You’ll be able to see the real-time location of your Circles on a non-public home map.

In each case, you may receive real-time notifications when any members arrive or leave the destination. It also works as tracking your phone, so if you behave or get stolen, you’ll still see where the phone is.

Powered by a subscription-based system, the app offers pretty much anything. For $ 2.99 a month, you’ll get 30-day history, unlimited location alerts, and original crime alerts. For $ 7.99 a month, there’s driver analysis, 24/7 driver care assistance in case of an accident, plus crash detection.

Its primary purpose is to alleviate any anxiety you might feel while your loved ones are travelling, especially if you drive new and inexperienced drivers in the family.

Google Maps (Android, Free)


Google Maps is already a necessary a part of just about everyone’s arsenal nowadays, but you will not have realized how it can help within the friends finding department. Besides offering things like real-time updates for your journeys, and providing navigational advice, it’ll also facilitate your locating others.

It would help if you had this enabled in your Google account – it works for iOS and Android versions of the app – but once you’ve done so, it’s easy to share your location. Plus, you’ll share your ETA throughout the process. It’s a nifty feature in an app that you may already have installed on your phone.

Above is a collection of 5 friend locator apps to locate your friends and relatives, you can easily choose and use

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