How To Locate Android Phone

“How do I locate my Android phone? I lost my device and can’t seem to search out it. Is there any Android device locator that I can use? “

Today, we get many queries like this from our readers who want to locate Android phone remotely. If you are using an Android phone locator, you will easily find your device without much trouble. Therefore, we recommend using an Android locator to track your device’s location in real-time. In this post, we will show you how to locate Android phone without much difficulty.

Why Should You Use An Android Locator?

If you do not want to lose your Android device, you always want to use the Android phone locator. This way, if you misplace your device or if it gets stolen, you’ll locate it remotely. Not only the device you own, but you’ll also get the assistance of an Android device locator to seek out the lost smartphone of your child, friend, or friend.

There are many dedicated apps out there that will facilitate you to locate Android phone pretty quickly. I exploit these tools to locate my Android when I accidentally snap. However, if you’re using an Android locator to trace someone else’s device, you want to access it or notify the user that their device is being tracked before.

Top 5 Android Device Locator Solutions

To help you out, we’ve listed many of the most useful Android navigation apps available that you can use to seek out your (or someone else’s) device.

1. Life24h

Pause your tasks for a perfect Android device locator right here. Life24h may be a complete spy solution that will be accustomed to track the situation of an Android device in real-time. Additionally, you’ll access all critical information associated with the target device like contacts, call logs, messages, browser history, social media activity, etc. A wise solution, it also comes with geolocation.

Best Family Locator App Android

  • Real-time location tracking with results displayed on the map
  • View location history
  • Warning when an accident occurs on the road
  • Supported Operating Systems: Android 5 and above

Freely available

Download from Google Play

2. Find My Device by Google

This is Google’s official solution to urge the real-time location of a linked Android device. You’ll download the app or log in to seek out My Device’s website right here. Once signed in along with your Google credentials, you’ll access the situation of the connected device. The tool may be accustomed to ringing, lock the device, or remotely erase the device.

  • Lightweight and straightforward to use solution, developed by Google.
  • It provides a comparatively, precise location of the device.
  • The tool may also be wont to ring a tool, erase it, or lock it remotely.
  • The associated Google credentials should be known to locate a tool.

Freely available

3. Prey Anti-theft

As the name suggests, this Android phone locator is mainly used as an anti-theft tool for real-time access to the device’s location. It works on all popular platforms and is usually employed by individuals to locate Android belonging to them.

  • It has advanced geolocation and geolocation features.
  • You can also lock your device remotely from its interface.
  • Send SMS alert just in case of intrusion.

Pricing ranges from $5 to $15

4. SeekDroid

SeekDroid has identical functions as that of Google’s Android location service. After installing it on the target Android device, you’ll be able to get its real-time location. This tool also can be accustomed to lock the device or remotely erase its data.

  • Users can access the real-time location of the device remotely.
  • SeekDroid provides instant alerts when a replacement SIM is inserted or if the device is lost.
  • The tool can erase the device memory still because of the connected SD card.

Price: $2.99 monthly fee

5. Family Locator GPS Tracker

Developed by Life360, this Android locator provides a real-time location for you and your relations. Therefore, you’ll track a family member’s device location remotely using the device’s interface. You’ll create dedicated circles using the app, and you’ll stay connected together with your family and friends.

  • Track the device’s location in real-time.
  • They notified when a member of a circle arrives or leaves a location.
  • Functions on both Android and iOS devices.

Freely available with in-app purchases

Whenever my phone is lost, I exploit Life24h to locate my Android device. It never disappoints me by providing the real-time location of the mobile phone.

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