How To Track Family Members And Friends From Your Phone

How to track family members and friends? There are many of us wandering around this question.
The location tracking app allows you to trace anyone’s phone. That is if they install the identical app you are doing and permit you to determine their location. There are plenty of apps like this on iOS and Android, and many are 100% free.

An app to track someone’s phone will be helpful for a spread of reasons. Maybe you’re a parent, and you wish to determine when your kids attend a school or your spouse goes to create a living, and you must confirm that they’re safe. Maybe a location tracking app is beneficial for you and your friends to allow you to know where everyone seems to be without texting or calling.

You’ll be able to use location tracking for a range of reasons. Fortunately, many apps find a location on the app stores freed from charge with basic features. To urge additional, special functions, you will need to pay monthly fees.


Life24h, the best location sharing app for android, can be a perfect tool to maintain the daily link, even give up all children’s rights and safety.

Have you felt recently that you never seem to have enough time? Or is your work a waste of family time? You’re not alone – many busy families face a similar problem.

As parents struggle to find time for their children and worry about their safety, even children have to work between school trips, clubs and after-school activities. And sleep, not to mention further trips. Being together every day is often a challenge, with most happening to both parents and their children.

When it comes to family, everyone tries to figure out the ideal way to the relationship between parents and young people. Positive parenting techniques work well in raising children with discipline and moral values ​​and are every parent’s dream.

However, that is not a simple feat. Know the importance of keeping up to date and understanding your child’s location on a smartphone, and your child knows your area. The good news is it’s relatively easy to do and do so.

How To Track Family Members And Friends
How To Track Family Members And Friends

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Google Maps

Google Maps is a notable application for discovering headings, and you may realize that it can likewise monitor your area history. It shouldn’t be amazement to learn that it additionally fills in as a phone tracker. This location tracking application is free and lets you see the individuals you’re following simultaneously. You’re perusing Google Maps.

This application makes our rundown since it’s overly simple to set up as long as you both have a Google account with the Google Maps application introduced. There aren’t area based alarms like with Life360, yet you can see the location the individual is at, get headings to them, effectively observe what’s close by, and decide how much battery they have left on their telephone.

Google-Maps-best location sharing app
Google-Maps-best location sharing app

Location tracking on Google Maps is something you don’t even think about. Because there are no push notifications about when people arrive or leave selected areas, you’re not overwhelmed by information. Just open the map and browse as you normally would, but also see where your friends or family are.

To use this feature in Google Maps, select Location sharing from the app’s menu. You will be able to share your location for a group period, such as an hour, or select Until you turn off this option to turn on location sharing indefinitely.


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