Keep Track Of Family With Life24h Family Locator

Keep Track Of Family With Life24h Android Family Locator

Parenting and taking care of families is a challenging task. Especially once you have many members or siblings in the family, being a housewife, raising children, cooking dinner, taking young people to high school, and taking care of the family, in general, will be a difficult task to achieve. There must be someone dedicated to managing these tasks. A mother does these things. What if a vehicle could exist where the pinnacle of a family or caregiver will be updated with the exact location of each member similar to their whereabouts. When a family member is in distress, we all know the pain we feel about what we are looking for. What if I could tell you that something will make it possible for you to know the whereabouts of your dear and close people. Life24h Android family locator will help you resolve this concern.

Keep Track Of Family With Life24h Android Family Locator

Track and manage live locations of every family member. Whether kids go to school or play, boys go to the gym or a concert.

Any venue can be easy to follow. there’s such an app. The name of the applying is Life24h.

This app is well downloadable and provides users with numerous features that will facilitate you to stay a tab on the most recent happenings within the lives of your near and dear ones.

Life24h Android family locator tries to bridge the gap between information being communicated besides as it gives you the flexibility to measure track the situation of all of your members of the family via a system of communicating satellites called the GPS network.

Now you will question that there are many such Location tracking apps within the market. What’s different about Life24h? Well, the features that are offered by the Life24h app are liberal to use for a limitless period of your time.

Also, many companies and organizations charge a fee or a subscription for providing these features for you to use.
Life24h doesn’t do that, and hence this makes it an excellent family tracking app available within the market. This app also offers like Live Location Tracking,

Individual or group messaging, SOS alerts within which you’ll be able to send alerts to chose contacts and a number of the many new features.
The Life24h app really can ease your burden to grasp the updates concerning your members of the family.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using The Life24h App

Live Location Tracking:

Real time-location
Real time-location

The Life24h app can really ease your task of keeping a tab on the placement of all of your members of the family. It really helps to understand the placement of where all of your near and dear ones are located in real-time.

Whether your kids attend school, your husband goes to figure or any location work-related, it informs whoever is using the app to understand this location of your members of the family via GPS to tell you of the live location of your member.

Employing a sophisticated array of techniques that are designed to figure in coordination with the GPS satellite system. It can easily inform the user about the live location of your children, your husband, wife, sister, brother, or anyone else.

Using this awesome feature you’ll be able to rest assured about the protection and security of your near and dear one with none worry.

Instant Messaging and Group Messaging:

This is a cool new feature introduced within the Life24h app. Using this feature you’ll message anyone in your group or contacts list about whatever you would like to. It really eases the task of informing others about the whereabouts of your members.

What’s more, is that you simply can send group messages also that informs your message to everyone in your group list. Your group can incorporate any member of the family or siblings.

The messaging is finished in realtime and works rather like many popular messaging applications like Whatsapp or messenger.

SOS Alerting:

SOS alert
SOS alert

This is another live-saving feature that has been introduced within the Life24h Family Locator application. Using this feature with the press of a button or click you’ll be able to send instant SOS messages to your SOS contact list. Your live location also will be sent to your SOS contact list.

This may alert your contact about your live location also because it also will state the matter your longing. This is often a really useful feature that you simply can use after you are in an exceedingly particular situation like when your car breaks down within the middle of the road, otherwise, you get a pneumatic tire, or there’s an emergency situation that is going on reception.

Friends Search:

Using this feature you can connect as well as socialize with your friends with just a click. You can search for nearby Life24h users in realtime and connect with them. This is really awesome as you have the networking opportunity with your friends. You can also connect with new Life24h members using this cool feature.


Life24h Family Locator Free offers you a bunch of features that facilitate you to watch your loved ones and moreover as keep yourselves updated about this happening within the lives of your loved ones.

This app offers many new features that help to ease the burden of managing your loved ones. This app will surely facilitate you to stay your relations safe and secure.

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