Do you already know about the 5 best Android phone tracking apps

Location App Android You Should Know

With the current rapid development with many advanced technologies and continuous development, it brings people convenience and fasts. Phones become an indispensable tool for people, with an internet connection, mobile devices show their strength. For mobile phone users, GPS is one of the primary functions that most mobile phone users know about.
GPS helps you find your location and enables you to find your way quickly, not only that it also helps you find the place of a friend or relative. Now we will tell you about five phone location app android to locate your relatives or friends on Android devices. And of course, these applications are easy to install and easy to use.

Life24h Family Locator Free

This is one of the all-in-one home navigation apps for Android devices that allows you to track someone’s location with maximum precision.

The app helps you connect with family members into a group, and you can know the location of everyone in the group. With location tracking function in real-time will help you understand the perfect place.

Not only that, but it also has functions like messaging so you can easily chat with members of the same group. Dangerous SOS function is a useful feature to help you send notifications to your team members when you are in danger or get lost somewhere, and they will find you back.

Features Of Life24h
Real-time location tracking
– Monitor and control battery life
– SOS alert function
– Chat directly with members of the same group

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Spyzie is one of the most popular location tracking apps on Android. It’s also straightforward and easy to use to know the place of your loved ones quickly.

It also has many other features, such as message recording to help you keep your messages from being lost. In addition to maintaining a browsing history, you can easily manage your children.


You will know if your children have access to harmful websites. The application can run smoothly and is compatible with the latest Android platforms.
Features of Spyzie:
– Provides real-time location of the target device
– Save browsing history
– There is an interface on the web-accessible from the computer
– Save call history in phone


This can be considered as an application that helps position your Android device with unparalleled power without compromising your privacy. This app is great for group meetings.


You can use it for family members or connect with friends in a company. It makes it easy to contact each other.
Features of Glympse:
Keep you private without interruption
Real-time tracking helps manage employees in the business
Easy to use custom settings
User-friendly interface


This is an app you can use for Android and iOS devices to help you locate your friends and family. You can track your spouse’s location when they are away on business trips, or you can monitor your children in the family when they go to school or play.
Features of Life360:
You can track the location of people in circle messages with other members
SOS alert when in danger

Find My Device

Find My Device
Find My Device

This is an application developed by Google that makes it easy to find your device. This is an easy-to-use application that you can use to recover lost or stolen devices.
Features of the application
Find your forgotten Android device
User-friendly GUI can monitor devices by logging into google account on the website
The terminal emits a sound so you can easily find it

 Should You Choose The Location App Android?

If you need an app that doesn’t have a lot of location tracking features, we recommend using the Find My Device app because it’s easy to use and published by Google itself. If you want to choose an employee management application in the same company or track multiple family members, you can use the Life24h app or the Life360 app.

Spyzie is a reasonable control app that helps you review your child’s calls, messages, and browsing history. Those are the best phone location app android we want to recommend, if you have a better location tracking app, you can support them.

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