Protect Mobile Devices While Traveling With A Phone Location App

When travelling, people often want to carry things with them, and of course, mobile devices are one of the indispensable items on your trip. So do you know how to protect your phone? Use some standard methods or use the GPS mobile tracking application to protect your phone. We will show you how to protect your phone with the phone location app and some other methods.

These Methods Help You To Protect Your Phone

Use Password Protection

All thieves steal your device usually do not intend to keep it with them but tend to sell your device to someone else. Setting passwords for your phone makes them more time consuming as well as specific difficulties when selling your equipment.

Your phone password also helps you preserve your inside information, which will keep your sensitive data exposed. You should set your password with easy-to-recall characters or unforgettable drawings. Besides, you also have to change the password on your mobile device regularly to avoid many people can know.

Use Password Protection

Keep It In Sight

Many cases of mobile device theft are caused by leaving your device somewhere unnoticed, which is an opportunity for thieves to take action quickly. No matter how safe you feel, do not let your mobile device leave your eyes unattended.

In case you are travelling on the beach and want to go to your device in the hotel, you put it in a locker because the staff in the hotel may clean the room and steal your equipment. If you don’t feel uncomfortable, it’s best to bring your mobile device with you.

Do Not Put The Back Pocket

Docking your mobile device in the back is not a good idea. Leaving your device in the back pocket makes your mobile device more vulnerable to breaking when you play or exercise, it also makes it easier for thieves to quickly.

Leaving your mobile device in your back pocket is more comfortable to steal because you can’t control it soon in a crowded place. The simplest way is to put it in your front pocket or a book bag that is worn around you to avoid the bad guys.

Do Not Put The Back Pocket

Use Phone Covers

You need to prevent your mobile device from being stolen by bad guys, but dropping your mobile device can also quickly damage it. With today’s mobile devices being manufactured in large and thin sizes, the drop will cause your appliances to break and operate abnormally.

So we recommend that you choose a thick phone case and need a high elasticity, it will reduce the likelihood of breaking the screen when impacted.

Always Turn On GPS And Internet Connection

You need to protect your device physically, but you must also protect the information inside your phone. It would help if you had data backup installed on your mobile device so that you can still restore them in case of loss. Connecting to the internet helps your mobile device sync data to the cloud storage.

Besides, it would help if you also turned on GPS for long trips. Using GPS now makes it easy to locate. On a journey with a lot of people, if you lose your position, you will be able to track the location of others and quickly return.

Always Turn On GPS And Internet Connection

Use The Phone Location App Android To Protect Your Devices

In addition to the traditional ways of protecting devices, using a third-party phone location application makes it easier for you to manage and protect your mobile device. Life24h is one of the third-party applications that makes it easy to manage your device. It is also an application that allows you to easily monitor your children or spouse when you are not around.

Best Family Locator App For Android in 2020

The Features Of Life24h

Life24h is one of those apps that can help you track your relatives or friends in a circle. When you start installing and using the application, you will receive a code; you use it to send to others and invite others to join the group. People in the same group can easily see each other through a small map on the phone screen.

Not only that, but Life24h also helps you create a safety circle so that you can easily manage your children under control. If your children go beyond the allowed limit, you will receive notifications. Besides, battery life management, travel speed management, and SOS alerts are beneficial for you when travelling long distances.

Install And Use The Application.

Step 1: Install Life24h on both parent and kid’s phones. You can click on the link to install the phone location application
Step 2: Register a Life24h account inside the App. You may register on either your phone or your kid’s phone.

GPS phone tracker apps
Life24h Login

Step 3: Add supervised members to family groups

GPS cell phone tracker app
Life24h family groups

Step 4: Life24h is the most trusted parental control app to track location, manage your children, manage battery life, manage journeys, and more. Now you can start tracking the location! Click the location directly to track your position.

GPS cell phone tracker app
Life24h Setting

Above are the ways we introduce you to protecting your phone on an upcoming trip. You can use conventional methods to protect your phone, or you can use the GPS phone location app to protect your phone, and the choice is up to you. Follow us to see more articles that make your life easier. Please leave your comment to let us know. We will get back to you quickly.

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