Create a safety circle for family members is crucial for healthy communication along with your children. However, what does it mean to “create a secure space?” This phrase could be a familiar buzzword in our communities, but how are you able to connect this idea along with your family values and build safe communication guidelines for your children to use both in and out of the home?

A Safety Circle Will Always Be Guided By Your Family’s Core Values

Establishing your family’s core values ​​is essential to developing a healthy dialogue along with your relations, especially your children, and helping them discover these traits—a way to form your own identity. If engagement could be a core value for your family, a safety circle is often a conversation with your child while you are making dinner or catching up while driving to high school.

A secure space also includes creating routines and time for you to speak together with your children. You’ll develop that point within the morning with breakfast, within the evening after you pick them up from school, or within the evening before bed.

Additionally, to making time for a safety circle, you’ll be able to also founded physical spaces for conversations just like the recreation room or dining table. It’s essential to let your children know the values, time, and space once they can comfortably consult with you.

The Safety Circle Feature Of  The Life24h Application

Safe Circle
Safe Circle

With Life24h you can:
• Real-time tracking of Circle Members on family maps is only visible with Your Circles.
• Create your own private groups, called Circles, relatives, teammates – whoever you want and chat with them in Family Locator.
• Receive real-time notifications when Circle Members arrive or leave a location that the members have added (Where to get rid of annoying text? Where are you?)
• See the location of a lost or stolen phone.
• Chat with members of the Circle.
• The function of requesting emergency assistance whenever you encounter difficulties.
• Warning collision danger to Members in a circle so they can help you in time.

Who Can They Trust?

Your children also have to know who could be a reliable member of your family and community. Your children should know which adults they will open up to and raise help when you are not there. You certainly don’t desire to make unnecessary fear or suspicion for your children. Still, you’ll be able to share with your children affirmatively about the adults you trust in your safety circle.

With Safety Circles, you’ll be able to found an alert system on the Life24h app. Choose a gaggle of friends to feature to your secure circles, who are notified immediately if you would like help or don’t respond.

Quick warning system, ideal to be used in potentially threatening situations. The protection circle also allows you to enter information about where you’re, who you’re with, and so on. You can upload photos of the places you visit and share them together with your circles.