How To Share – Real Time Location (Without Broadcasting It To Strangers)

With the summer weather coming to us, we look forward to skipping stuffy indoor gatherings for sunny rendezvous at parks and other outdoor venues. But once you unfolded your picnic blanket, you would like to inform your friends the way to find you and “I’m near that big tree” not really helpful. So make the most of the range of apps that allow you to share real time location safely and privately without spreading it to the world.

In addition to finding a gathering place, the Life24h app can allow you to track your kids without telling people where they’re. It’s liberal to use, simple to line up, and might prevent a bunch of long calls or messages after you must know where someone is.

Share Real-Time Location From Life24h Application

Share Real Time Location
Share Real Time Location

Where are you now? Whether you’re heading to a celebration or meeting up for dinner, you almost certainly hear questions like this beautiful often from family and friends.

Soon Life24h application users worldwide are able to answer those questions in only some taps, without ever leaving the app. On Android, you’ll be able to share real-time location with anyone. And also the people you share with are going to be ready to see your location on Android.

Whenever you want to let someone know where you are, open the side menu or click on the blue dot representing where you are. You’ll be able to share real-time location with your Google contacts or share it with friends and family by sending links on your favorite messaging apps.

The people you have chosen to share when you share your location will see you on their map. And you will see an icon above the compass on your map, reminding you that you are actively sharing your location. You will be able to change your mind and stop sharing at any time. It is entirely up to you.

Next time you’re on your way or running late, you’ll be able to share your real-time location and trip progress from navigation likewise. Once you share your trip with people, they’ll see your expected point and follow your journey as you head toward your destination. Sharing automatically ends after you arrive.

Location sharing on Life24h will soon be rolled out worldwide, and you will be ready to quickly let friends and family know where you’re and when you are going where you would like to travel.


This could be useful if you and your friends are on a night out together or on a trip somewhere. By all sharing your location, you’ll keep track of everyone within the group, and commit to meet in one central area. All through Life24h.

All the while you’re sharing your location with others, you’ll see an icon on your map reminding you you’re sharing your location.

This is a reasonably significant reduction in privacy, so choose your approved friends wisely. If you’re only sharing your location for a group period of your time, you’ll either select specific people to share with or generate a link that anyone can use to urge a lock on your current position. Just bear in mind that the latter option can let any stranger with the proper link find you.