The Best Android Apps For Tracking Someone's Location

The Best Android Apps For Tracking Someone’s Location

Track someone’s location is often in your constant need once you have to know exactly where that person is currently. This may happen in numerous situations. For example, one in every of your loved ones lives off from you, and you can not reach him over the phone or through social media.

That time, knowing his position somehow will undoubtedly facilitate your feel more relieved. On the opposite hand, you will track someone’s location without letting them know that you do so. Or matters might be worse once your device was stolen, and it now needs tracking. All told situations, the sole thing you’ll be able to do, is tracking the position of your concern.

Yes, this can be true, and do not worry as we are visiting discuss different Android apps that will locate an individual is at although you do not hear this from that person.

Top 5 Android Apps To Track Someone’s Location

Now, we’ll present the highest 5 Android apps that may locate the precise location of anyone you enkindle with ease. You’ll be able to use the Android app for location tracking pretty quickly.

1. Life24h

This is the most useful Android location tracking app. Why are we saying this? Well, there’s a solid background for claiming this. Yes, it’s straightforward and straightforward to use when it involves knowing your near and dear ones’ whereabouts. You’ll open the app and keep tracking your required person’s location directly from your device. The app may be employed in the background, so multi-tasking isn’t a controversy occasionally of using Life24h.

Best Family Locator App Android

We are sure that you are pleased to use this best Android location tracking app.


  • Real-time location tracking with results displayed on the map
  • View location history
  • Warning when an accident occurs on the road
  • Supported Operating Systems: Android 5 and above

Download from Google Play

2. Family Locator – GPS Tracker

Produced by Life360, Family Locator can be a simple GPS location tracking tool that will let you know where your stakeholders are currently. It can provide you with real-time notifications, so you don’t miss any information about the requested person’s whereabouts.



  • You can create different groups for various people
  • Real-time positioning may be tracked on a family map
  • Lost or stolen phones will be tracked

3. Track Location & Car

Using Location & Automotive Tracking is an honest thanks to tracking the placement you are looking for. One notable good thing about this app is that you can download location records in numerous formats for extra use. All of your needed locations are tracked automatically if you’ll be able to use the app properly.


4. FamiSafe

Parents are favoring child tracking app FamiSafe for the benefit and sort of functions it offers. Use this app to stay track of all of your child’s activities with ease. If your child owns an Android or iOS mobile device, FamiSafe is going to be a perfect tool to watch your child. The worth is a mere $ 9.9 a month for monitoring multiple devices.



  • Track location in real-time with map display results
  • View location history timeline
  • Geographical determination warnings
  • Android and iOS are supported
  • 3-day free trial from App Store or Google Play

5. Find My Friends

Find My Friends is admittedly quite just a location tracking app for Android. Yes, it also can act as a social media channel. You’ll know where your friends are while they’re far from you. This is often great for locating each other’s cross. You’ll send a text using Android, which could be a plus for several of you.



  • Friends are usually right from the app
  • You can locate your friends with a map
  • Cross position finder helps you both discover each other
  • The navigation is very handy to use
  • Share your interesting places


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