5 The Best GPS Phone Tracking Application For iPhone 2020

The Best Family Locator App For iPhone And Android

Tracking others’ movements is not as difficult as it used to be, thanks to modern GPS technology that makes it easy to see the location of family members via mobile devices. You can use the investment in these apps or use them for free on the app store. With or without a charge, the GPS phone tracking apps helps you a lot in your life. So why hesitate any longer, start learning about the best family locator app for iPhone.

The Best Family Locator App For iPhone


LocalToWeb is one of those tremendous location-tracking apps, and you can display location information on the web for all your family members to see. The app provides location information most accurately.

It also offers other in-depth details such as battery life and speed when you are on the road or altitude. Besides, the application also has additional security features, such as hiding your location from letting others know.

You can use this feature through the application’s settings. You can always edit parameters that are stable and suitable for you.
All can become easier when you use the application without having to register the application comprehensively. Users can also set up racing teams to accurately track each participant with their side-by-side display on your phone screen.

You can download the app on the Apple Store for $ 0.99 at a reasonable price for all that it gives you. You can download the app on the Apple Store for $ 0.99 at a reasonable price for all that it gives you.

The amount of $ 0.99 is worth considering with its features, and this is one of the useful GPS phone tracker apps for you.

 Family Locator App For iPhone

Tracker GPS

This is a beneficial application to track your spouse or children in your family. The app allows you to perform tracking of each location within the past 12 hours.

It is also instrumental for you to find the lost device quickly; it will tell you the exact location of the invention. A minor drawback of this application is that it only works on iPhone devices.

With more than 2.5 million app downloads can see the impact of how big the application. Having to work and turn on GPS will make your iPhone device lose more battery power, the use has built-in battery saver to reduce battery usage to a minimum.

 Family Locator App For iPhone
Tracker GPS

Map My Run By Under Armour

Although this is not an ordinary GPS phone tracker apps, it is an application that helps you track your health and the distance you cycle, run, exercise, or exercise. Yoga. While this is just a health app, it also allows your friends to know where you are quick.

Not only that but with an extensive database, the application will enable you to store health information as well as combine with Apple Watch to track real-time in the best way.
In a challenging application that allows you to do with other athletes around the world and a gift for you from Under Armor. You will download the app on Apple Store, and it’s free.

 Family Locator App For iPhone
Map My Run by Under Armour


This is an application that enables you to trace quickly and accurately. Use with a fancy set of features will allow you to share your location along with your friends and even people working within the same company.

Keeping privacy concerns in mind, the app is intended in such some way that every site that’s shared with other users will disappear after a long time. You will need an information reference to GPS access for this application to figure.

This could be a touch problematic if you’re out of network coverage. Glympse application seems to be more suitable for people in urban areas because they will use the web quite people in rural areas.

Glympse also supports Apple Watch, so you’ll be able to combine it with mobile devices to share the situation quickly. The app is on the market from Apple Store and allows you to download and use it free.

gps phone tracker apps

Find My Friends

Find My Friend is an app released by Apple that allows you to track the exact location of your family members, friends, and colleagues. It works based on the consent of others, and you can also set it to hide from the map so others cannot know your location.

Although this app is not full of features like third-party apps, if you’re new to the iPhone or new to mobile device tracking, this is the app for you.

The accuracy of this application depends on your internet speed, but it is trusted and used by people. Besides, the app is also installed on iPhone devices using iOS 9.0 and above, and You do not have to pay any fee for this.

 Family Locator App For iPhone
Find My Friends

Application Life24h Family Locator Free App Helps Track Location For Android

Above are 5 apps that help track the best location for iOS device users; below, we will introduce you to a GPS phone tracker apps for Android. This is a third-party application that allows you to track the location of family members most accurately.

It has many support features for you while driving or travelling long distances. You can use this app to monitor your children when you are not there, with real-time tracking for high accuracy. Also, create safe areas to make it easier to supervise your children.

You will receive a notification when your children leave the safety circle. The speed control also helps you while you are on the road, you can control your travel speed to make driving safer.

When you are on a long trip with many people, the SOS feature helps you avoid losing other people in the group.
You can install the application easily with just a few setup steps.

You can complete the application installation without spending too much time. After going through the confirmation steps, you will see the login screen below.

GPS phone tracker apps
Life24h Login

You start using the application by creating yourself an account, or you can log in directly with your Google account, through the account creation steps you can start to experience the application

 Family Locator App For Android

You can also upgrade the application to use some other features, and the cost of upgrading the app is also very reasonable. Above is our article that introduces you to the Family Locator App For iPhone And Android. Depending on your needs, you can choose an application that suits you.

Besides, if you are an Android user, you can download and experience the Life24h Family Locator Free app because it is free on Google Play store. Please leave your comments to let us know. We will have more useful posts for you.

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