Top Family Locator Apps For Android

The most significant thing in our lives is family. Consequently, we generally attempt to keep in contact. Sadly, continually getting each other to discover, for instance, area, isn’t generally conceivable. Need an increasingly advantageous and proficient way. Take care of these issues. Home route applications have been made. They will permit you to keep in contact with all your relatives. Simpler than at any other time. Today we will acquaint you with the top family locator apps for Android.

Top Family Locator Apps


Life24h is one of the applications for you to administer your youngsters when you are nowhere to be found or inquisitive adolescents. It is an app that encourages you to track your kid’s area, go to safe regions when your youngster shows up, and get notices.

Additionally, this application you can use for a family with numerous individuals helps track the area of multiple individuals, so you don’t set aside a lot of effort to control. The informing capacity in the application makes it simple to communicate legitimately with individuals from a similar gathering.

During a significant excursion, you can’t control the gathering of individuals. However, the application’s SOS highlight encourages you to discover lost individuals.

Best Family Locator App For Android in 2020
 Top Family Locator Apps

Features of Life24h
– Track location in real-time
– Chat with members of the same group
– Manage battery life
– Manage the speed when using the car
– Easy to install
– Friendly interface
– Ensuring safety and legality
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Family GPS Tracker KidsControl One Of The Top Family Locator Apps For Android

Family GPS tracker KidsControl is an incredible application for the individuals who care for their family members and companions. With it, you can generally know about the area of one another and effectively discuss it in one application.

You will consistently know who and where is found, and if an individual leaves his area or arrives at a risk zone (particularly significant for kids), you will quickly get a warning. Furthermore, the primary concern is that you will impart your area to those you trust. Everything is protected.


  • Automatic notifications when a youngster came to class and got back;
  • The capacity to see the historical backdrop of developments of the youngster;
  • A tracker can find even in the underground stopping;
  • SOS button, giving an alarm to family members if important;
  • Automatic notifications when the youngster’s telephone is dead;
  • Laying the course to the kid;
  • Quest for a lost telephone;
  • A conservative charge of the telephone in the scope of 1-7

This application can decide the area even with unavailable GPS.


Find My Kids: Child Locator

Discover my Kids: Child Locator is a program that will assist guardians with discovering where their youngster is currently. First, you have to introduce the application on both the guardians’ cell phones and the youngster’s gadget, and afterward make a primary enactment.

Presently, the mother and father will know about the developments of their kids and will have the option to see where the kid went when he completed school and got back home. Likewise, an SOS signal capacity will help on account of hazardous circumstances to rapidly decide the area of youngsters.


  • Keep track of relatives area continuously;
  • See the historical context of development
  • Control battery on young people’s phone and get notifications about low charge;
  • Ability to record sounds around youth’s phones;
  • Free admission;
  • The capacity to set geo-zones and get warnings when entering and leaving them.

If you are stressed over your kid, at that point, attempt this application. With it, you can continuously follow where the kid is consistently, just as when he came in or left the spot you set apart on the guide. Simultaneously, you will know about his day by day movement. For instance, on the off chance that he messed around in the exercise, to whom he called and with whom he talked.

On the off chance that your infant’s telephone is in quiet mode, you can send a noisy signal to stand out enough to be noticed.


Family Locator & Safety

Family Locator and Safety is a novel undertaking that joins the elements of a pilot and an email customer.

In contrast to other comparable projects, this venture allows you not exclusively to follow the whereabouts of companions and family members, yet also to trade messages with them and even make photograph collections. Different capacities stayed unaltered.

The application precisely decides the directions, showing the information on the guide and advises about the appearance of a gathering part at one point.

Utilizing the “signal for an emergy response,” the program will transmit a message about dangerous circumstances to different clients’ gadgets. Continually repeating occasions and developments can be retained with the goal that the customer advises about them in a single tick.

Family Locator and Safety is a decent help, giving authority over the whereabouts of relatives and companions. With the implicit visit, the program can be suggested as a definitive arrangement.


Family Locator By Fameelee

Family Locator by Fameelee – a one of a kind application intended for the Android working framework. This designer studio has figured out how to make an inventive undertaking that is extremely famous and has a high client rating.

Presently you can monitor your family members. Regularly, the product is utilized via caring guardians to discover the area of the kid right now.

There is an uncommon catch, “SOS.” Tapping on it, a message is sent on another telephone that your objective is in a difficult situation, with this indicating the current area.

Concerning the specialized segment, the application has a charming visual structure. It is bright and helpful. To utilize the program, you should have an Internet association, turn on the GPS guide.


GeoLocator — Family Tracker + Baby Monitor Online

GeoLocator was made for guardians of kids 5–17 years of age and all who cared about the well-being of friends and family. Furthermore, for some clients, the application has become a family diversion, another deep space for correspondence and communication.

Tracking the movement of family members is possible in several ways:

  1. Set up programmed cautions for intersection safe zones.
  2. Empower web-based following in your application – and screen the development of a relative progressively.
  3. View travel history for the chose day/date. Subtleties of the history rely upon the recurrence of updates (checking where the individual is).

GeoLocator users can also:

  • Call a family bunch part from the application. What’s more, regardless of whether a quiet mode is enacted on his cell phone, GeoLocator will coercively turn on the sound;
  • Discover the path to the area of a relative utilizing the route mode;
  • Get notices about the condition of charge of the cell phone batteries;
  • The capacity to set up unsafe and safe zones and get warnings when entering and leaving them.

The GeoLocator interface is straightforward and automatic. At the point when you start the application, the client sees the guide, on it – markers of all relatives close by.










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