Top Family Locator Apps For Android And IOS

Location tracking can always be considered a shady feature. It will affect the most hassle-free service once you have to know where your kids are. We will all adhere to the fact that it bothers us whenever our loved ones travel. Calling and texting are now an option, but it doesn’t help when someone is driving a car or in an hourly meeting restaurant. For the only real purpose of being helpful, we’ve compiled some top family locator apps that may allow you to share and see your family and friends’ situation if they favour sharing.

Top Family Locator Apps

1. Life24h

Life24h Family Locator Free is an application that urges you to accompany family members in a powerful and basic way. The use causes safe areas to seal areas where your youth can create some great memories and exercise.

You can test it detached as a school or a job. The machine will help you in advising your family members after you appear or leave that place.

With Life24h, you will have the option without the very noticeable elongation that provides your area with others. It is valuable after you are journeying that people will know your specific territory once you get lost from social events.

Top Family Locator App for Android - Life24h
Top Family Locator App for Android – Life24h

This is additionally an instrument to help you with finding the taken Android gadget. It resembles a tracker to assist you effectively discover the offender who makes your gadget.

Extra security highlights, for example, notices for speed out and about while driving or SOS alarms once you are in harm’s way.

Click to download the family locator app on your Android phone.

2. Glympse

Glympse provides you with information on where family members are in real-time. By utilizing Glympse, you can rapidly discover subtleties on the GPS areas of other relatives.

To do that, open the Glympse application on your telephone, tap on “New Glympse.” Next, you can send an instant message or an email to someone else. At the point when you do this, you can get data on the system or GPS area that somebody is situated at.

This furnishes you with ongoing subtleties on where somebody may be at a given second.

While many applications provide real-time location sharing (like WhatsApp and Google Maps), Glympse doesn’t require the opposite person to download an app. All they have maybe an application programme to access the link you share via SMS or email.



  • Does not require you to put in anything on another person’s mobile device.
  • It has an optional low power mode which only updates your location if someone is currently watching
  • Adjust how information is seen in the program for a particular period.


  • Does not offer real-time tracking
  • You would have to update the location manually

Price: Free (Android | iOS)

3. Life360

Life360 can be a formidable option once you want to be up to date on your family members’ safety. Available on both platforms, Life360 allows people to register together online.

The subscription feature ensures people can let others know after they’ve arrived at certain destinations or once they’re at specific locations. This works with circles that you can only program to list details about where satisfied customers are used.

What separates Life360 from the Glympse is, you automatically get notifications that somebody has left or found a chosen place. This suggests you don’t should continuously observe their real-time location within the app.



  • Easily loads up driving directions and route info.
  • Allows people to speak without using text messages on one’s mobile bill.
  • You can share information on individual people within a circle that you just save.


  • You need to send invitations to any or all the devices you would like to trace
  • It had mixed reviews on battery usage but your mileage may vary

Price: Free, $5 monthly for premium (Android | iOS)

4. Foursquare Swarm

Foursquare Swarm is one of the top family locator apps that provides you with a convenient layout where you’ll be able to keep tabs on where your kids are going. This works with a platform like what you will get from Foursquare’s usual social media site.

Once you register at a location, you’ll leave a pin indicating where you’re. Your members of the family can try this once they attain different value points.

The program includes a statistics report system that offers you data on the places people visit more often. You’ll be able to use this to trace the behaviours of people in your family. The program lists data on the categories of locations too.



  • Tracks GPS and network information supported check-in spots.
  • Works with most sorts of popular locations in mind.


  • Uses up an oversized amount of battery power
  • Works best for people accustomed to Foursquare

Price: Free (Android | iOS)

5. Trusted Contacts

Trusted contacts is an application from Google to check the real-time location of your relationships and friends. After installing the app, you want to pick out the connections you trust along with your location.

Once completed, your friend will receive an email, letting them know that they are now your trusted contacts.

Like the different apps, you may activate the tracking feature and send friends a message so that they know where you’re. But what separates Trusted Contacts from the remainder is that the automatic location sharing.

If the recipient doesn’t respond for a set period of your time, it automatically shows you its last possible location. For example, if you ping your contact for his or her current position, they need to accept or reject the placement request. However, if they don’t respond in 5 minutes, you may have access to their last possible location.



  • Also, show the final status of your smartphone battery.
  • Like Glympse, your Trusted Contacts mustn’t install any app on their phones. They’ll track your location via a browser.


  • In order to use the app both parties to enable Google’s Location History

Price: Free (Android | iOS)

6. Find My Friends (iOS)

Don’t be confused with Find My iPhone; Finding my friends is hardly available in the walled garden Apple. So if your friends and family have an iPhone or iPad, Find My Friends can be one of all the most useful family tracking apps for you.

This app is found on all iOS devices and even on Apple Watch. Although there is no support for macOS, this feature can be accessed on the iCloud web. Although very limited, because iCloud is not supported in most browsers, your only option is the Safari browser.

To get started,

  • Simply open the ‘Find My Friends’ app
  • Tap the Add button on the highest right.
  • Select the contacts you would like to share location with.

Also, you will enter someone Apple ID to send the request. When contact allows location sharing from their end, you will be ready to view them on the map. The app also provides a unique feature to notify you of the contact movement.

Once you click on a contact, you will see the ‘Notify me in the top center tab. Touch the check, and you will see two options when a connection leaves a location and when a contact arrives at a site. You’ll prioritize notifications when contacts leave or arrive at a location just by pinning the location on the map.



  • Native app
  • Notification features


  • Restricted to Apple Devices

Price: Free (iOS)

Wrapping Up: Top Family Locator Apps

Each of those programs should move once you are attempting to search out members of the family. Make sure to work out how these options for the most effective family locator app can work for you.

On a related note, I prefer researching the privacy policy, especially since it’s a location tracker app. Also, confirm that you don’t abuse such apps by using it to stalk someone or overly possess a few loved ones.

All said and done Family locator will help a good deal to grasp where exactly your relations are and also the solace related to such a service is invaluable.

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