GPS Phone Tracker Free For Children Before The COVID-19 Pandemic

Use Child Tracker App Free Before The COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak and rapid spread have forced the governments of countries to take strict measures to prevent it. Accordingly, companies, companies, and factories are forced to cease operations, and people must implement a common way to avoid coronavirus. The coronavirus outbreak adds to the anxiety among parents for their children. They are looking for solutions to manage their children, such as washing their hands, quarantining at home, or even using the child tracker app free to supervise their children.

When the disease outbreaks, parents working from home are more and more working and managing their children as well as ever, so what is the solution to help parents manage their children?

The Problems Parents Face When Working From Home

  • The difficulties of parents who have to work from home during the first epidemic season must include the fact that your closed schools cannot send their children to school to go to school.
  • You must be busy preparing meals for the children in the family. In the days when you send your children to school, and you go to work, you need to send your children to school, and someone prepares meals for them, now you have to prepare meals for them, so it takes a lot of time.
  • Families with limited resources to work from home do not hire people who work in the house, but they have to spend time doing those jobs.

What Solution Is For You?

With the above difficulties, we will introduce your solutions to help you manage your children and work effectively. Nowadays, the development of online applications will help you a lot in managing your children at home.

Scholastic Learn At Home

Scholastic Learn At Home is a study program for all ages. It has all classes and many courses for you to choose from for your child. The curriculum is designed to ensure your child is always busy for the next 20 days.

It provides children with the knowledge as well as books to read with the curriculum with materials available at home. The curriculum will keep your child interested and busy with scientific experiments.
Child Tracker App Free


Brainly is another app to help your children learn while schools are closed. This is an app that helps parents connect with their children and connect to solve problems that support them. Parents can come up with solutions to help answer other children’s questions.

Child Tracker App Free

It helps parents figure out how to solve problems of any subject. They can also see the solutions and answers to other parents’ responses. Students can also use this application to learn effectively.


BrainPop is an application that uses cartoon characters to interact with your child as well as using cartoon objects to help your child learn. The educational video quizzes make the children’s learning more enjoyable.

Child Tracker App Free

They provide them with a set of materials to follow on a schedule so that your child can easily follow and supplement the knowledge that is missing due to coronavirus. Children can access learning materials of any grade.

Solution With Mobile Devices, Why Not?

There is no doubt that mobile phones are one of the solutions that can help you in the present time. You can choose courses or ways to manage them, but you can be sure that Monitor them when you are busy working busily?

Many apps today can help you do that, but the app works surprisingly well, the GPS phone tracker free app Life24h will help you monitor your kids effectively.

Life24h – A Reliable Child Tracker App Free For Parents

Life24h  home locator makes it easy to simplify your life in the digital world by easily connecting with your loved ones.
With Life24h you can:

  • Create your own groups, you can connect and chat with any family member when joining the group.
  • View real-time location of Circle Members on the family map in mobile device
  • Receive real-time alerts when Members of a family group arrive or leave the venue
  • See the location of your phone when you get lost or stolen
  • Enjoy more diverse features and benefits than similar applications
  • Works smoothly on Android mobile devices
Child Tracker App Free
Life24h – A Reliable Child Tracker App Free For Parents
  • Share location in real-time
  • Stay connected and in sync with the entire Life24h family so your family can easily get together. Life24h notifies you when your family members are registered at a location and thanks to the GPS sensor in your phone, the family locator can also notify you when your family member is having some problem.
  • Child management. By creating safe areas that make it easier for you to manage your child, you can know that your child is still inside or outside the safe zone. If your child is out of your comfort zone you will receive a notification from the phone so you can bring them back.

Above is the article we share with you about the difficulties and ways to overcome to help you work more effectively at home when the outbreak of COVID-19 broke out sharply. We have put in place the best measures to help you manage your children and your time. We are always looking forward to your positive contributions.

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