Useful apps for car drivers

Useful Apps For Car Drivers – Location App

Technology is increasingly advanced to help people make things easier. GPS navigation is one of the things that helps people a lot in moving. Not only that it is also used in applications that help GPS phone tracker free online easily. Today we would like to introduce you to the location app free that uses GPS to help you navigate safely on the road.

 Google Maps

When it comes to apps that only seem to be the Google map of Google, this is considered the leading navigation service. It shows the exact path, turn, or alley. Not only does it support motorists, but it also can find a way for motorcyclists, bicyclists, or even pedestrians.

Google Maps is a free application that helps you get to your desired places faster and easier with functions such as voice turn-by-turn navigation (not available in Vietnam), getting driving directions, transfers. Routes, biking, and walking see your location on the map.

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Besides, Google Maps allows logging in to customize your plan (adding places, places of work, etc.) as well as the ability to view offline maps. You can follow up on your GPS phone online for free to know precisely where you are on the road map. It can be said that Google Maps is one of the fastest street updating location app today.

HERE WeGo – Family Location App

Here we go very convenient and easy to use the application, it provides a user-friendly experience, so this application is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

The HERE WeGo app has maps for more than 100 countries, real-time traffic and accident information for over 40 countries, voice directions, and especially even without an Internet connection, you still use the offline map. This is one of the applications you should install for your phone on journeys.
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Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Highlights of the Sygic application include: integrated TomTom high-quality map, works well with GPS without connecting to the network, search function and voice guidance, choose the best dark route. Tick ​​to pick out the situation you want, showing your vehicle speed after you’re on the road.

This is often a useful application on the go, you will control your movement speed to adjust accordingly on the move.

Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic

This is an application that uses data from the user to build traffic data in real-time. You can perform voice search, support road users when they are on the road, and regularly update the map information.
Besides, Waze also features searching for the nearest gas station and a quote. This is an application available on Android and iOS platforms.

Apple Maps

If you are an iPhone user, this is a necessary and straightforward application for you. This is an Apple product that helps you find your way on iPhone devices.
It will get you where you need to go with minimal frills — perfect for someone who might get overwhelmed by restaurant pop-ups or traffic alerts mid-drive. You can turn on the Apple Maps map and follow its instructions to make your journey anywhere. And this application is used at a free price.

Life24h – Location App Android

Did you arrive safely? It is the concern of your relatives or friends when you use the vehicle on the road. They always have concerns for you when you are on a long journey or a business trip.

Navigation apps can help you avoid getting lost and avoiding danger. But how do your relatives and friends know you’ve arrived safely?

Life24h is one of the GPS phone tracker free online applications to help your friends and family know if you have arrived safely or not. Your relatives or friends can see you are moving on the map in real-time; they will see where you went on your journey.

Besides, this is an application to help you manage children effectively. Your children use the app installed on the phone device.

You can easily monitor them by delineating safe areas and allowing them to play and operate in the area. You will receive a notification when they move out of the secure area.

The SOS alert function allows you to send notifications to your family members when you encounter a problem on the road or are in danger. Download Life24h- Location app Android


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Above are the applications that we have introduced to you to make it easier for you to travel on the road by your vehicle. You can download and experience the above location app, always follow us to read good and useful articles. I hope you have a fun journey, a safe trip.

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